Starr’s Mill is a cornerstone for lower Fayette County, near the crossroads of GA Highways 85 and 74. The wide waterfall and structure rarely goes unnoticed with it’s unexpected appearance. Verbal directions hold the landmark in high esteem. Known to natives and sojourners.


More than anything, the mill speaks of home. My great-grandfather owned the mercantile across the street at a time when stores were few in Fayette County. The old homeplace, now long gone, sat behind the mercantile. A few generations fished the vast lake. Starr’s Mill is a family memory.


Years ago while researching ancestry at the Fayetteville Library, I learned my ancestors owned the mill and surrounding land in the 1800’s. The most notorious owner was Mr. Starr. This beauty has passed through many hands over the years, and now belongs to the county water system.


Note: Photographers, I do not recommend bringing a zoom lens unless you plan on standing quite a distance from the mill, which is not recommended due to tree coverage.




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