Senoia. Pronounced “Seh-noy” and “Seh-noy-yuh”. Some may care how Senoia is pronounced, but it doesn’t matter. Most know where is meant.


Shops and local businesses abound filling the entire square. Some are more rustic Southern eateries, others consist of fine furniture. It is a mixture taking awhile to enjoy and traverse.



Many film companies have used Senoia as a locale. Around town tourists can find neat little squares with titles and dates. Some include: Sweet Home AlabamaDriving Miss Daisy, Fried Green Tomatoes, Drop Dead Diva, etc.


Senoia is a wonder. Few locals could have fathomed The Walking Dead television series. As paradoxical as it seems, small community mixed with tourism has an appealing balance.


Note: Curious how Senoia was in days of old, I interviewed my ninety-two year old cousin who graduated from the local high school in 1943. Turns out, Senoia had quite a bit to offer: doctors, dentist, Hollberg’s Fine Furniture, grocery store, washing place for clothes, hardware store, barber, beauty salon, drug store, churches, etc. Much more than a few neighboring areas had back then. And according to her, you can see her graduating class at the Historic Museum on Couch Street.


Above photo taken inside historic Senoia First Baptist.