Tallulah Gorge

tallulah gorge

Tallulah Gorge is a breathtaking 1,000-foot deep gorge worth seeing. A two mile long wonder formed by the Tallulah River, it is a rarity in Georgia. Boasting of many activities within the Park, this would be a nice stop for almost anybody.

We arrived to a spacious parking area with a visitor’s center and restrooms. After parking, the trail to Overlook 1 was easy to navigate. Signs point the direction to each Overlook. Frankly, the neatest thing was recognizing an unusual, and comfortable, footpath made of recycled rubber tires to Overlooks 2 and 3.

tallulah gorge

Loud rushing waters greet the senses first. As one nears the overlook’s deck, the wide expanse of a deep drop, large evergreens, hardwoods, and waterfalls create quite a heady sensation. Would not recommend for people afraid of heights to look down. At an angle, it is not so bad, and the falls can still be seen.

tallulah gorge with bridge

We did not traverse the suspension bridge or travel closer to the falls. But the sight from above was still very impressive.

For more information on hiking the trail, visit here.