daisiesIf you make it to Toccoa Falls College, you are in the right place. The falls is located inside college area, and a very small fee is taken for admission. I paid $2 as a non-senior (60+) adult.

Not far from the gift shop exit, a wooden walkway makes way to a sandy path leading straight to the falls. Said to be twenty feet taller than Niagra Falls, I was excited, especially since vividly remembering and seeing Niagra Falls as a small girl.

Toccoa Falls is roaring. Rushing waters fall so freely, a slight mist works its way across large rocks along the trail’s end. Time flies when enjoying the aesthetic luxury of such a sight and sound.


toccoa falls waterfall

At 186-feet, the waterfall is said to be one of the taller free falling waterfalls in the Eastern United States. Possibly the second tallest in Georgia.

toccoa falls waterfall

As an aside, it may be taller than Niagra Falls but not wider or as extensive. Nor do you need a ferry for closer views. Definitely worth visiting. Scenic and relaxed with easy to access places, including benches along the pathway. Closes at sundown.

toccoa falls waterfall





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