Passing Lake Burton in Rabun County, Georgia

As an aside, if you are here to look at pretty waterfall photographs, this post does not have any. If you are here for an honest review of Minnehaha Falls, keep reading:scenic country road

Had read a couple of reviews prior to heading towards Minnehaha Falls. “Easy”. “Pet friendly”. “Easy”. Supposedly only a .4 mile hike. Great, or so I thought.

Upon reaching Bear Gap Road, realized the rocky, unpaved road was the only way of entry to the falls. After traveling so far to reach this road, backing out seemed unthinkable. We continued on.

Beautiful lake homes and scenic canopies greet guests, but the lack of signs and seemingly endless dirt road confuses. After so long, happened upon a local walker. She verbally guided us onward.

Curving, unpaved roads are never really fun. Curving, unpaved roads only wide enough to hold one lost F250 truck is even less fun. This was the latter kind of road and we were in said truck. And worse, we could not turn around unless we went into someone’s driveway, many of which were closed off or at sharp declines.

After surely what seemed longer than 1.5 miles (did they count the curves?), we finally reached a very spartan, small sign claiming the beginning of the hike to Minnehaha Falls.

Up earthen, wooden stairs with a rickety-looking handrail for support, which was definitely needed since the hike seemed to be straight upward. Even worse, foliage blocks the view of where the path takes hikers. Looking around, because we had come this far, we realized the parking lot was full. Three cars had already arrived by 9:30 AM. Where were we supposed to park? I suppose to be fair, one truck might have taken two spaces.

With no room to turn around, we resentfully trudged forward in our F250 down the rocky dirt road with curves. It was the road that never ended. Worse, a mile or so later (not counting curves?), we arrived at a fork in the road with one sign: Colonel Hough. Not anymore sure than our cell phones (both AT&T and Verizon did not pick up a signal) of where we were at this fork, we parked in the middle of three converging roads. Surely someone would come one of these days. Making a wrong turn and staying on the road to no telling where was not an option at this point.

Not many minutes later, three Georgia Tech vans rambled from one of the roads towards us. Never had I been so ecstatic to see that GT logo! Flagging the first van down, I asked kindly if they knew where the closest paved road was from this fork.

They explained a little ways down from where they exited was pavement… and a highway! I waived at every last person in those vans. And that was my Minnehaha experience. Frankly, I had wanted to see the falls but it was not “easy”.

_DSC0838w (3)

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