Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park Overlook

Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park overlook after the rain with fog rising.

Sometimes life throws unexpected curves. On this particular day, my neighbors who live about 600 feet away were enjoying the sound of their outdoor stereo system a little too much, amplifying the bass with the sounds of The Allman Brothers Band blaring.

Not even stepping indoors could deter the reverberations. I headed out to escape the loud noise that never seemed to end (they played from morning until night the day prior). Who knew how long they would play?

Southern country roads often lead to tranquility so I kept heading southward until reaching Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park. Rain started to pour heavily. I pulled over into a secluded overlook parking area, and waited. Enjoying the peace and view of the mountain range.

After the rain passed, heavy fog started to rise. Rising to cover the forest below. I climbed out of the truck to look over a blanket of fog and fresh air. A blessing after the noise at home.

DSC_0058 (3)


Sorry for the lack of photos. I had actually taken quite a bit, but my computer crashed without a backup. The ones totally covering the forest in fog are not here as a result. Lesson learned.

Note: This is one of several overlooks. Many park to enjoy the vast view. Some of the parking areas have picnic tables.

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