Meriwether County Travels


Historic homes located heading west out of Greenville, Georgia town square.

Greenville, the county seat of Meriwether County, Georgia, was founded in 1828. As a result, there are still a handful of historic houses standing. Historic homes on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Burwell O. Hill House. Built in 1893. Classic Revival Style architecture.

I really enjoy stately homes. They tell a story older than living people. Much less, the overall quality of details and workmanship. Back when symmetry was of thought in architecture.

DSC_0344 (3)
The Hiram Warner Hill House. Built in 1897. Queen Anne Style architecture.

Many old homes are located on a residential stretch on LaGrange Street, leading to or away from the Meriwether County Courthouse, on the west side. Not a difficult place to find at all considering the road is beside town. You cannot miss the courthouse. A very prominent figure centered in the middle of Greenville’s business district.

DSC_0348 (3)

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