My last trip to Amicalola Falls was November of 2010. Seven years is quite awhile. Back then the trees were ablaze in vivid hues of orange, yellow and red, a tribute to Autumn. Tourists were not abounding as they were today. Fishermen with children were not flying reels every which way. Needless to say, four months make a difference when visiting North Georgia.

amicalola falls
Super tall. This was taken at the middle of the falls. West Ridge Falls Access leads here.

In 2010, I only made it as far as the Reflection Pool. The bottom is obviously not the place to start. This time, I headed up the road across from the Visitor Center, per their advice. Here is a similar map to the one handed to me.
The first parking area to the right is the place to stop. West Ridge Falls Access is a .3 Mile hike on a recycled tire rubber trail (really makes for a pleasant walk) leading straight to the middle of Amicalola Falls. A bridge greets visitors and the view down is a steep drop. How fresh is the air so removed from civilization.

Getting back on the road, the next parking place to the right is a large spacious area with a trout preservation space and many wooden walkways. Falls Overlook is the destination to see the top of Amicalola. Surprisingly, the view was unlike what I expected. Only a few feet of waterway shows as the water plunges over (maybe due to the fact that Amicalola is the highest falls in Georgia with a 729-foot drop). What is truly spectacular is the scenic mountains ahead.

DSC_0685 (4)
The small orange/red dot is a person standing towards the middle of the falls. Shows the heights well.

DSC_0696 (4)In memory of my last trip, I paid a visit to the Reflection Pool. The trees were a deep green. People milled around making the place seem smaller. Too many were in view to take a picture of nature alone. It’s a give and take experience. The warmer weather made for a nicer walk, but the seclusion of before was missed.

Amicalola Falls

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