Green Smoothie Parfait

fruit platter

As a child, my father often took me to TCBY where I created a favorite sweet treat, parfaits. First picking a yogurt base, I added candies or fruit layers. This is the healthier version. A green smoothie base, with fresh fruit layers and coconut flakes on top.

Dried fruits contrasted too greatly with a softer smoothie so I left those out. Can use coconut flakes only as layers. The best part is how filling and energizing is this smoothie, made of whole foods. Feel free to add powders or other fruits.

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Green Smoothie Parfait

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
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Delightful way to add a surprise to a regular smoothie.


For Smoothie Layers:

  1. 1 large banana
  2. 1/2 mango
  3. 3 handfuls baby spinach leaves
  4. one tray of ice cubes (14 cubes)

For Fruit Layers:

  1. one valencia orange, sliced
  2. 5 large strawberries, sliced
  3. coconut flakes for topping


  • In blender or food processor, blend banana and mango into a nice smooth mixture.
  • Add spinach and mix on high to combine.
  • Add ice cubes and blend until smooth and not icy. But don’t blend too much.
  • Spoon a couple of heaping spoonfuls into bottom of glass. Note: Lead glass did not work as the smoothie would melt too quickly. Would recommend a china or ceramic tall cup. Such worked much better, and melted at a slower rate. Gently add first layer of fruit or coconut.
  • Add a couple more spoonfuls of smoothie, then add next layer on top of second green smoothie layer.
  • Spoon enough green smoothie to reach near top and lightly drizzle coconut flakes over top. Consume soon after making.

DSC_1110 (2)

For photography purposes, I used a lead glass cup. Through trial and error, I realized this caused the smoothie to melt rapidly. Feel free to comment if you know why. I recommend a china or ceramic tall cup. The layers may not be visible, but the taste is still present.

Green Smoothie with Coconut Flakes

Look familiar? I make a green smoothie with similar ingredients on another post. It’s versatile enough to taste great with other fruit layers, so this was my preference.

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