Haralson, not to be confused with Haralson County, is a town in Coweta and Meriwether Counties. It’s a relatively small town with an estimated population of 187 in 2016, and a total area of 0.81 square miles. Though small, it catches my eye every time I pass.

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Noted for being one of the film locations for The Walking Dead television series and the 2012 movie Lawless. Rural and full of old dilapidated structures, it is easy to see why. Pieces of history are left everywhere.

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Inside wall of the previous picture. There is no back wall.

Found a good bit of information on the historicity of Haralson here, written in 2010. Maybe things have changed in the last several years. Maybe not. But then, this town was pushing to be recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.

Preservation of this quaint town would be necessary. But the effect would likely be mesmerizing. There are finer details, noticeably so, in old craftsmanship. And maybe that is why the structures last. They were built to last.

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