Coconut Glazed Chocolate Doughnuts

gluten-free. dairy-free. vegan substitute.

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It took quite a few attempts to make these correct. Strange as it seems, even all of the delicious ingredients combined do not produce that something special you could consume half of in one morning. Not that I am saying a serving size is six mini doughnuts…

Unglazed Chocolate Doughnuts

My first attempt combined a chocolate sauce with the other doughnut ingredients. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the chocolate was not as noticeable as I envisioned. Though the color was a rich dark brown. Pretty but not great. Next, I used one simple tablespoon of cacao powder and the doughnuts improved. Much simpler. Why is simple sometimes best?

These are actually very tasty fresh or refrigerated.





  • Remember to let doughnuts cool well before applying coconut glaze. Otherwise the glaze melts and the effects are noticeable.
  • To make cashew and coconut flour, I usually use a food processor/high speed blender. For cashew flour, start with slightly more cashews. For coconut flour, use quite a bit more coconut flakes than the desired flour measurements. Coconut flakes break down considerably producing and measuring much less flour than flakes.
  • I don’t try to make amaranth flour since the tiny grains are too small to sufficiently grind into a flour so I purchase as a flour.

Coconut Glazed Chocolate Doughnuts

  • Servings: makes 12 mini doughnuts & likely 6 larger doughnuts
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Print

Moist and dense gluten-free and vegan chocolate doughnuts glazed with coconut cream.



  1. 1/3 c. cashew flour
  2. 1/4 c. coconut flour
  3. 2 T. amaranth flour
  4. 2 T. maple syrup
  5. 1 T. coconut oil
  6. 1 T. cacao powder
  7. 1 T. lemon juice
  8. 1 large egg (vegan substitute= 1 T. ground flax seed + 3 T. water)
  9. 1 t. gluten-free vanilla extract
  10. 1/4 t. gluten-free baking soda

Coconut Glaze:

  1. 3 T. culinary coconut milk
  2. 1 T. maple syrup
  3. 1 t. gluten-free vanilla extract



  • In a medium to large mixing bowl, add all wet ingredients (maple syrup, coconut oil, lemon juice, egg or vegan substitute, and vanilla extract). Stir to combine.
  • Then add cacao powder and mix well.
  • Now add all dry ingredients (cashew flour, coconut flour, amaranth flour, and baking soda), adding flours half at a time, stirring well to incorporate.
  • Preheat oven to 325°F.
  • In an oiled doughnut pan, divide batter equally among doughnut molds.
  • Usually takes about ten or so minutes for mine to cook, but my oven is old so test by touch. Should feel firm.
  • Let cool for 5-10 minutes before adding glaze, otherwise glaze melts.

Coconut Glaze:

  • In a small mixing bowl, add all ingredients and mix well to combine. I have added photos of how the final product should look. Basically, it should resemble a pudding.
  • Set aside until ready to use.
  • Smooth glaze over doughnut tops.
  • Store in a sealed container in refrigerator.

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Coconut Glazed Chocolate Doughnuts Pin

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  1. These are the cutest! We eat GF, so we will absolutely give these a try sometime.

    1. Thank you! Hope you enjoy.

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