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Griffin, Spalding County, Georgia

Griffin, Georgia 5

Griffin, Georgia 1

Griffin is old. Downtown Griffin has a historic district. My grandfather used to eat at mom and pop cafeterias. The downtown buildings are well worn. Really, I am trying to grasp why old seems the adjective to place on this city.

Griffin, Georgia 2

Maybe Griffin is old to me because my great-great-great grandfather lived in Griffin in the 1850’s. He was a bricklayer and stone mason, helping to build the first Spalding County Courthouse located in Griffin, formally built in 1859. It is not an offensive term by any means so much as one meant to convey history. Griffin has a lot of history.

Griffin, Georgia 3

Griffin, Georgia 4

Griffin is also unique to me. It is large for a historic area, and happens to be part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. Diversity abounds and somehow old meets new in this city.

Of note are the movies and television shows which have used or featured the town, including: Driving Miss Daisy, Murder in Coweta County, The Walking Dead, and The Hunger Games. Notable people include Doc Holliday. For more, see: Wikipedia.

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