Peppermint Chocolate Sauce

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With Christmas soon, peppermint often comes to mind. Peppermint candy canes were a classic growing up. The cane-shaped sugary confection with red and white stripes adorned the Christmas tree beautifully every year.

Cacao Powder in Copper Spoon

Supposedly, candy canes originated in Germany. By the late 1800’s, they adorned Christmas trees. Even better, according to Wikipedia, a company in Albany, Georgia (Southeastern United States), was a leading candy cane producer by the mid-1900’s. It seems the process of making candy canes was not easy as they tended to break when the curve was being made.

Why candy canes and peppermint sticks are so memorable for me besides enjoying the mint flavor is my grandfather loved them (maybe there was an inherited mint-loving trait). Since I was young and did not have tons of money, I often chose peppermint sticks or candy canes to gift my grandfather. And every year after Christmas lunch/dinner, he would sit in his chair eating the candy I bought.

chocolate ice cream

In case you were hopeful, I’m not making a gluten-free, vegan candy cane with little sugar in this post. (If anyone does have any candy cane recipes, feel free to share.) What I am making is something that satisfies my desire for a peppermint flavor during the holiday season (and what my mother considers my chocolate addiction).

Peppermint Chocolate Sauce Close up

The recipe is a simple one with minimal ingredients. I enjoy adding Peppermint Chocolate Sauce to vanilla, chocolate, or mint chocolate chip ice cream. I am sure there are many other things this sauce could adorn. Get creative and enjoy!

Peppermint Chocolate Sauce

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Super easy to make with only four ingredients and three steps (including adding to ice cream). Adds an extra pop of peppermint flavor. Won't regret knowing and making this recipe during the holiday season!


  1. 3 T. coconut oil
  2. 2 T. cacao powder
  3. 1 T. maple syrup
  4. 1/2 t. peppermint flavor


    • On low heat over stove, melt coconut oil if not already melted. Once melted, remove from stove top.
    • Add rest of ingredients, and stir well to combine. If cacao powder is clumped, you can sift prior to adding.
    • Let cool a minute or two prior to adding to ice cream or any other creation. Serve immediately. Sauce will firm rather quickly once added on top of ice cream. Enjoy!
    • Bonus: Have left over sauce? Make mini chocolate mints by dividing rest of chocolate in mini cups (size: 1 3/4″). Refrigerate for five-ten minutes and they will firm naturally. Store in refrigerator.
Peppermint Chocolate Sauce Portrait
Hardened Peppermint Chocolate Sauce
Firms quickly, then ready to eat.
Eating Peppermint Chocolate Sauce


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