Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Bright pink smoothie bowl made with dragon fruit, banana, and strawberries. Delicious base for adding toppings.

Breakfast Smoothie

A wonderful breakfast smoothie filled with healthy protein, fats and carbs. Also, as a bonus, how to pick a good avocado!

Strawberry & Mango Pie

Creamy and smooth no-bake pie with chunks of mango and strawberries atop an almond flour and date crust. Only six ingredients! As an added bonus, how to pick strawberries and mango.

2-Ingredient Chocolate Sauce

Healthier two-ingredient version of chocolate sauce to add a delightful finish for ice cream, granola, fruit, desserts, etc.

Vitamin C Juice

Easy to make fruit juice full of Vitamin C to start the cooling months off right.